The West Coast:
1- Langley to Anacortes                            13- Coos Bay to Humbug
2-  Anacortes to Clinton                             14- Humbug to Brookins
3-  Mukilteo to Seattle                               15- Brookins to Crescent City
4-  Seattle to Shelton                                 16- Crescent City to Eureka
5-  Shelton to Chehalis                               17- Eureka to Humbold Camping
6-  Chahalis to Longview                            18- Humbold to Leggett
7-  Longview to Astoria                              19- Leggett to Fort Braggs
8-  Astoria to Canon Beach                         20- Fort Braggs to Gualala
9-  Canon Beach to Cape Lookout               21- Gualala to Bodega Bay
10- Cape Lookout to Newport                     22- Bodega Bay to Stinchon Beach
11- Newport to Florence                            23- Stinchon Beach to San Francisco
12- Florence to CoosBay

The National Parks:
24- Alameda to Yosemite                            34- St-George to Zion
25- Yosemite to Lee Vining                         35- Zion to Bryce Canyon
26- Lee Vining to Bishop                             36- Bryce Canyon to Escalante
27- Bishop to Lone Pine                              37- Escalante to Moab
28- Lone Pine to Panamint Spring               38- Moab Arches Moab
29- Panamint Spring to Furnace Creek        39- Moab to Pueblo
30- Furnace Creek to Boulder City
31- Boulder City to Desert!
32- Desert to Mesquite
33- Mesquite to St-George

The Mid-West and North East:
40- Pueblo to Ordoway                               46- St-Louis to Pittsburg
41- Ordoway to Eads                                   47- Pittsburg to Fairfax (AP Trail and C&O Canal)
42- Eads to Leoti                                        48- Washington to New York
43- Leoti to Ness City                                 49- New York to Granby
44- Ness City to Clinton
45- Clinton to St-Louis

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